Creative English Make your Life more creative with English

Individual lessons

The program of English, designed specifically for you

Group lessons

Lessons at a convenient time in the groups with the general level of knowledge. Picnics.

Remote training on Skype

Remote lessons at a convenient time for you on Skype

Preparation for international exams IELTS

Preparations for an international exam for those wishing to learn or work in English-speaking countries


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General information

It is not a secret for everyone that English is the most common target language. This is a business language, travel language, modern music language and programming language. Overall, this is an international language which we cannot live without. I offer quality and effective studying of English which you will be able to use at the lessons at first and then in your life. I provide a personal advice and you can find out your level so I find appropriate program and time.
The goal of each course: To help you make the most creative and easy to learn English

Individual lessons

Individual program. The program of English language is based on your goals and deadlines.It can be a standard program for General conversation or business English course, or perhaps a special program only for you.

Group lessons

Group English classes are held on a convenient schedule. Classes in the morning and evening hours are offered to make you comfortable. The courses are offered according to the overall level of students' knowledge.

There are Lessons-picnics outdoors.
All groups are divided by age (teens, adults)
one training course lasts about4 months
the duration of one lesson – 2 hours
classes are held twice a week with preferable schedule

Remote training on Skype

Having English courses via Skype online, you get all the benefits of this type of learning: You will save your energy, time and money. The schedule of classes is made individually, a student has the opportunity to change the duration of classes, frequency of classes at any time.It is very convenient for people who often go on business trips.All you need is a computer, headphones, a microphone, and Skype.

You choose the schedule and think about the intensity of training, choosing the days and times that are most convenient for you. You will practice speaking English intensively from the first lesson. The main focus of English classes on Skype I make on speaking. Moreover, mainly you will talk . You should practice speaking English!

The lessons of English by Skype You will be immersed in an English-speaking environment, due to the fact that all classes are conducted in English. This approach will help you to speak English faster, to remove the language barrier and start to understand English language . Methods of teaching English, which I used at lessons, are effective because the are aimed at achieving one goal - to teach you speak English fluently.

Preparation for international exams


Test IELTS (International English Language Testing) is an international exam that helps to identify the level of English language proficiency for those who wishes to study or work in English-speaking countries.

The main objectives of the course are:
  • enrichment of active students` vocabulary of on the exam topics;
  • familiarity with the format of the exam;
  • training of effective strategies;
  • preparation of effective strategies;
  • The practice of assigning all parts of the exam (listening, reading, writing, speaking)
  • Development of ability to analyze the material which is presented graphically - charts, graphs, tables for Academic IELTS
  • familiarity with types of letters and practice drawing for the General IELTS
  • Essay writing.

Format of training:
  • Individual.
  • Mini-group (3 persons)


Individual class - 280 grn - 1.5 hours

Group classes 180 grn - 1.5 hours

Select the format depends on the initial level of the candidate, the desired intensity of training and the level required.

How are lessons

The opportunity to study English in small groups, in which students speak the same language and have the same level of proficiency in English. Due to conducting classes in small groups. You will be able to continuously engage in dialogue and to practice creative English language. Lessons are like the most creative and the most effective!



Duration: 4 months Beginner - beginner level


Duration: 4 months Elementary - elementary level


Duration: 4 months Pre-Intermediate - below average


Duration: 4 months Intermediate - Intermediate level


Duration: 4 months Upper-Intermediate - above average


Duration: 4 months Advanced - advanced level

Course costs

Individual lessons:

Children 60 min – 100 hrn

Adults 60 min – 150 hrn

Group lessons ( 2 hours)

From 5 to 7 people – 500 per 8 lessons ( a month)

Speaking Club

90 hrn- 1,5 hour

Skype lessons

60 min 100 hrn

Text files

Motivating stories



GMO Food
10 Worrting facts about GM food
4 Things You Can Do To Activate Your Intuition | Sonia Choquette

Speaking Club

The Club concludes small groups, because everyone should have an opportunity to speak. The club gathers all the time, Englishspeaking requires regular practice. This happens at least once a week and lasts two hours, everyone joins in the conversation.

You have the opportunity to choose a topic. Each theme can be played up in role-playing games. Participants split into pairs or groups and practice English in different situations. Current events, popular movies, new books, a nightclub, a restaurant – anything can be a source of inspiration for role-playing games.

Speaking club provides many excellent opportunities to practice speaking and listening. You are guaranteed to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of English.

How to Make Yourself Happy

How to Make Yourself Happy

Knowing how to make yourself happy comes down to knowing what causes you to feel the way you do. When you understand what makes you happy in the first place, you can use that knowledge to continue to feel happy. Instead of trying to find happiness as if it is something outside of you, you need to search for it within. Not only that, you need to be able to activate those feelings as well. There are lots of ways to feel happy so let me offer you some tips that might help.

How to Make Yourself Happy

1. Focus on what you already have and be grateful for it. Just think about a time in your life when you didn’t have the things you now have in your life. The friends, the relationships, the career, etc. When you focus on what is good in your life, it will make you feel happier.

2. Make making yourself happy easy. Too often we place all of these conditions on what has to happen before we can allow ourselves to be happy. “If I don’t have $100k in savings, then I can’t be happy.” “If I don’t achieve 10% body fat, then I can’t be happy.” When you place rules that make it hard for you to be happy, you may find yourself very unhappy.

One easy rule you can set up for yourself is, “If I am able to wake up in the morning, I will be happy.”

3. Be happy in the pursuit of your goals. Instead of trying to acquire things and achieve goals in order to be happy, why not be happy while you pursue your goals. In other words, don’t seek happiness, happily seek. Or to put it in another way, enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Experiencing this is a lot easier when you’re doing something you love.


Knowing how to make yourself happy comes down to realizing that you can allow yourself to be happy simply by letting go of all of the conditions that you have allowed society to place on yourself. The conditions that this and that has to happen before you can feel happy will only make being happy difficult. It’s great to go for goals and dreams and you should, but don’t place your happiness on whether or not you accomplish those goals. Learn to be happy in pursuit of those goals and dreams. After all, isn’t the purpose of life to be happy? If so, stop pursing it and just be

About myself

I am Irina Kuriy. I am a creative person with 15 years of experience as a teacher and 7 years of experience as an interpreter. I have always loved my job because it is a hobby which inspires me every day. I create picnic lessons in the summer to make relaxing atmosphere for my student. We have Creative Speaking clubs all the time.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Proficient in teaching within a challenging educational environment.
  • Deep knowledge of various instructional challenges and projects.
  • Immense ability to work on laptop computers.
  • Remarkable ability in handling and working collaboratively with a variety of people.
  • Excellent in oral and written communication skills.
  • Superior human relations, interpersonal and problem solving skills.
  • Experience of teaching children in groups.

  • 2015 Certificate International Examination Language Testing System IELTS British Council
    Listening Reading Writing Speaking Overall Score
    6.5 6.0 5.5 7.0 6.5

    Personal Qualities

    Energy, punctuality, initiative, creativity, communication skills, responsibility and high capacity for work, quick learner, ability to work individually and as a team, aspiration to acquire knowledge and experience.

    Interests & Activities

    Sport, Music, foreign languages, advertisement, fashion, art

    phone: 097-165-49-04
    skype: creativeenglish3